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Mortgage Field Services Property Inspections

Alpine Property Preservation specializes in delivering property inspections customized for financial institutions, insurance companies, and leading field service organizations. Our primary objective is to offer precise and prompt residential property inspections at competitive rates for our valued clients. We are a regional company covering Lassen County and Plumas County CA, we harness cutting-edge digital technology to seamlessly schedule, monitor, and fulfill customer orders. This technological edge empowers us to handle a multitude of inspections with efficiency, providing our customers with real-time status updates throughout the process.

Property Inspection Services

mortgage field services exterior inspection

Exterior Occupancy Verification

Inspection includes visually assessing the property to ascertain its occupancy status, property details, and overall condition. A photograph of the property is also provided. In cases where verifying occupancy status proves challenging, the inspector will make efforts to directly communicate with either the resident or a neighboring party.

Interior Vacant Walk Through

In the event that locks have been altered on an unoccupied property, we conduct a comprehensive walkthrough of both the interior and exterior to validate its condition. Capturing visual documentation, we take photographs of all interior spaces and all four sides of the exterior. Additionally, we document any identified damage or potential hazards. Following our assessment, we furnish recommendations addressing potential securing or preservation issues that may arise.

mortgage field services interior inspection